Nov 22, 2014: Consolidation

Last week, we of group 2 decided that our idea for simple reviews immediately after a visit could be simply and elegantly combined with group 8’s continuing review system for repeated visits. Our two four-person groups combined, then, into a single mega-group which took dominion over the review system with an iron fist. Most of the week was spent making our ideas coherent together and preparing to present together.

Our individual ideas would not actually significantly change through this process, but rather, through slight edits on either end, would flow naturally from one to the other into a single process that gives no hint that it was ever two separate groups. With this in mind, we mapped out how group 2’s side of the process would work in this new context:


In this edited userflow, the final step of our process (which included a “thank you” and a call to action to write more, which differed contextually based on the previous smiley face clicked) would include the tagging feature from group 9’s idea, and would from that point segue into, post-first-visit, their process, as well as their part of the presentation. With these ideas combined, we would present one after the other and then take questions as one group covering a larger concept.

The details of merging took up most of the week, so aside from that, most of what we prepared was looking over project reports from last year’s capstone projects and consolidating information from old blog posts to include in ours. We’ll be sad to have to disband as a group, since we have such a great dynamic and work efficiency paradigm going on, but the end of the quarter is looming!


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