Nov 16, 2014: Use Cases

This week we presented to a larger team from Premera, in a much larger venue! We made a number of edits to our presentation since last week’s post, and received feedback from Karen and Linda with regard to its design. Thankfully, we were able to incorporate it all before the presentation, which I think went quite well. This week, subsequently, was a bit lighter on work following that.

We worked out a few “use cases,” and were cautioned to make them less detailed than personas. These use cases follow:

Joe is a 44-year-old construction contractor. He hurt his shoulder on the job, and painkillers weren’t working on it, so he found a physical therapist and masseur through Premera’s provider-finding tool. He visited the physical therapist on Sunday, and left feeling absolutely incredible, as the therapist had not only made his shoulder feel better, but given him a therapeutic massage and loosened up muscles tight from lots of heavy labor. He felt incredible for the next several days, better than he had even before hurting his shoulder, and was in the middle of posting about it on Facebook on Tuesday morning when he received an email from Premera asking him to rate his experience. He happily tapped the happy face, and as he was already typing it on Facebook anyway, left a glowing review of everything he’d liked about the provider.

Wanda is the 30-year-old CEO of a small-to-midsize startup. She is busy day in and day out, and rarely has time for anything but what is absolutely necessary if she wants to keep her company afloat. She recently had three cavities filled by a new dentist, and felt that he was rude, dismissive, and money-grubbing, always trying to “sell” her additional services she didn’t actually need. Ten days later, when the claim goes through, she receives an email asking her to rate her experience. She does not have the time to write a detailed review, but felt strongly that others should know not to see the dentist she saw, so she clicks the unhappy face, grateful that she can have her voice heard without having to spend time she simply doesn’t have.

Beth is a 65-year-old housewife. She takes care of most of the logistics for her family, including choosing doctors. Her children are old enough to take care of that for their own families now, but she still chooses for herself and her husband, who is of a generally frail constitution and needs medical care more often than she does. She is extremely careful when she chooses a doctor, because a bad experience could mean her husband’s health takes a significant downswing. The increased quality and quantity of reviews from the implementation of the simple review system greatly helps her, because she is more able to accurately judge which doctors are well-regarded and less likely to make mistakes or misjudgments, not to mention their friendliness and compatibility with Beth and her husband. She schedules a routine checkup with a new primary care provider from Premera, and when she receives an email asking her to review the new doctor, she takes time to leave a long, detailed review with exact details of the doctor’s manner, office cleanliness, professionalism, and so on.

Next week, we will refine our concept for final presentation!


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