Dec 6, 2014: Wrap-up

As I write this post, we are feverishly working on our presentation for higher-ups at Premera on Thursday, as well as the final report on our design process. Our initial presentation went quite well, and we got some great feedback; as a gigantic group, the rules apply to us a bit differently, so we’re making […]

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Nov 22, 2014: Consolidation

Last week, we of group 2 decided that our idea for simple reviews immediately after a visit could be simply and elegantly combined with group 8’s continuing review system for repeated visits. Our two four-person groups combined, then, into a single mega-group which took dominion over the review system with an iron fist. Most of […]

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Nov 16, 2014: Use Cases

This week we presented to a larger team from Premera, in a much larger venue! We made a number of edits to our presentation since last week’s post, and received feedback from Karen and Linda with regard to its design. Thankfully, we were able to incorporate it all before the presentation, which I think went […]

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Nov 1, 2014: Brainstorming

This week we went through the process of brainstorming, using our research to come up with as many ideas as possible and then narrowing them down to the six best entries to further ideate on. We did this through two distinct sessions. As part of class time on Thursday, we got together with our paired […]

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Welcome to the process blog for group 2 (Acacio Domar, Stuart Giles, Joy (Fen) Xie). This blog exists to catalog our progress on the second project for our Ideation Studio, as part of the MHCI+D program at UW in Seattle, Washington. Posts containing confidential information will be password-protected.

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